Yoga Packages

Yoga and Meditation visits bundle rishi ganga travel in Rishikesh

The most ideal approach to loosen up your brain, body and soul. This will begin with a morning Yoga session with our accomplished Instructor. Educator will give you brief information about how to loosen up your body and psyche through different yoga stances and breathing strategies.

An Ayurvedic Massage and Shirodhara will be given after the yoga Session by our advisors from Kerala in the conventional manner. That will assist you with relieving you from the focused on muscles and keep you rationally loose.

You can utilize Steam shower, home grown shower or Herbal feed shower by the night time to heat up your body. By the night an alleviating head and foot back rub will be given fragrant oils of your decision, that will assist you with getting a sound rest.

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh,india.(Package Prise Rs:/)

Morning 7 : 30 am begin

Yoga session (hatha yoga and prayanam) Duration:90 min

Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Night 4:30 pm

Head and Foot rub

Steambath or Herbal Shower

Yoga session (asana and contemplation) Duration: 2 hour


A mysterious treat for the women. This will begin with a full body Ayurvedic knead, that will loosen up you, by our accomplished and stroking woman masseurs. A home grown powder body clean or udvarthana will be accommodated your lovely skin.

A home grown shower will likewise be given to expel the oil from the skin and additionally to keep it solid and new.

This mystical treat will complete with a flower shower in our steam shower. You will feel revived and restored after this extreme loosening up bundle.



Home grown Shower

Steam Bath

Term: 2½ hour.


An extraordinary method to unwind from the day by day outstanding burdens and a tiring lengthy drive. Enable our master masseurs to resolve the worry with a particular Ayurvedic full body rub. A home grown powder body clean or udvarthana will assist you with removing the dead skin cells over the body, that peels and permit to retain crisp oxygen, therby making it enthusiastic and sound.

A home grown shower will be pursued to expel the oil from the skin. At that point a Refreshing Aroma Bath will take you to a definitive unwinding and make you skim on your fantasies.



Natural shower

Steam Bath

Length: 2½ hour.

Rooms (1 Dbl Room)

Three Meals

Yoga Session

Back rub

Bundle Cost Rs : 10000/-